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Illuminating the Glow: Essential Insights Before Your Image Sun Tanning Experience

Updated: Mar 22

7900 Tanning Bed at Image Sun Tanning
7900 Tanning Bed

Ready to bask in the brilliance of a radiant tan at Image Sun Tanning? Here's a guide to ensure your journey is not only glowing but also tailored to perfection:

Personalized Skin Analysis:

Begin your tanning adventure with a personalized skin analysis. Understanding your unique skin type allows us to recommend the ideal tanning bed and duration, ensuring a customized and safe experience.

Expert Consultation at Your Service:

Come in for a consultation with one of our skilled tanning specialists. They'll provide personalized guidance, suggest premium lotions, and address any queries, ensuring your journey to a beautiful tan is seamless.

Choose Your Radiance:

Image Sun Tanning offers a variety of cutting-edge beds with different UV intensities. Select a bed that aligns with your skin goals and experience level. New to tanning? We can help you decide where to start your sun tanning journey.

Eye Protection, Always:

Safeguard your eyes with our top-quality goggles. Neglecting eye protection can be uncomfortable and damaging. Your journey to a radiant tan includes the protection of your precious vision.

Hydration, Inside and Out:

Nurture your skin from within by staying hydrated. Consume ample water before and after your session. Enhance your skin's moisture by applying our hydrating lotions, ensuring a luminous and healthy tan.

Timing is Everything:

Follow the recommended tanning duration for your skin type. Gradual increases in tanning time as your skin builds tolerance ensure a gorgeous tan without compromise.

Post-Tan Skincare Ritual:

Treat your skin to post-tanning luxury with our nourishing tan-extending lotions from Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty, California Tan & Hemp Nation. Maintain your tan's allure while promoting skin health. Skip hot showers and abrasive exfoliants for the first 24 hours post-tanning.

Sunscreen, Your Daily Ally:

A glowing tan doesn't mean skipping sunscreen. Shield your skin with our recommended products to safeguard against the sun's rays, maintaining your radiance during outdoor adventures with our professional-grade Australian Gold sunscreen.

With these tailored insights, your Image Sun Tanning experience is set to illuminate your beauty journey. Embrace the glow and let us be your partner in achieving the perfect sun tan, uniquely yours.

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