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Because Image Is Everything

Choose UV Your Plan

At our Blue Springs Tanning salon, we redefine luxury tanning. Our state-of-the-art facilities, expert staff, and premium products ensure an unparalleled experience that leaves you bronzed and rejuvenated.

Platinum Level

This is our top level of tanning. The all new P9S HybridSun tanning bed Designed by Porsche! Equipped with LED UVA facials, Beauty Boost red light throughout the bed, aroma, aquamist, 3 different tanning options and much more!

The 7400 LUX tanning bed has 5 high pressure facial tanners, aroma, relaxing sounds & 10 min tan time.  

Our brand new HPO stand up high pressure booth has 27 of the highest power lamps available with open architecture and a high power fan.  You can rest assured that you will receive the best tan possible all while enjoying the luxury of our Platinum level beds.

Platinum VIP Membership is only $79.95 and our Platinum level VIP's receive all UV tanning beds in the salon for an unparralled sun tanning experience!


Gold Level

Our Gold Level tanning bed features, 4 high pressure facial tanners, 2 high pressure shoulder tanners, adjustable fan control and contoured acrylics for comfort.  These beds are a 12 min tan time.  

We also have our Sundazzler stand up tanning booth in our Gold level that features 360° of 220 watt lamps with a short 9 min tan time.


Gold VIP Membership is only $59.95 and includes all Gold, Silver and Bronze level UV tanning beds/booths.


Silver Level

Our Silver level tanning beds consist of our Pacifica bed with 3 high pressure facials, stereo, adjustable fan control, 160W canopy and 140W bench lamps.  These beds have a 12 minute tan time.

Silver VIP Membership is only $39.95 and includes all Silver & Bronze level UV tanning equipment.


Bronze Level

Our Bronze level tanning beds consist of our Santa Barbara bed with 1 facial. stereo and adjustable fan control.  These beds have a 15 minute tan time.

Bronze VIP Membership is only $19.95.

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